How to plan for your next refrigerated delivery

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When you want to transport goods across the country, it's important that your company has a good relationship with a haulage company. The company you choose to work with will depend on a lot of factors, but one of the most crucial factors will be how closely their service matches your requirements. The closeness of the match is particularly important when you need to transport refrigerated or frozen goods. Before you book refrigerated delivery services you will need to consider at least four factors.

15 October 2019

Two ways to prevent heavy haulage-related accidents and injuries

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Heavy haulage vehicles are extremely large and powerful; as such, precautions need to be taken to prevent those who drive these vehicles from being injured. Here are two ways to do this. Check the tyres after every road journey The weight of a heavy haulage vehicle, combined with the weight of the loads it transports, can put an immense amount of strain on the vehicle's tyres. As a result of this, the tyres on this type of vehicle are likely to lose pressure and tread depth at a far faster rate than smaller road vehicles.

9 November 2017

The Comprehensive Guide for Obtaining a Forklift Licence

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When it comes to operating machinery, Australian law is very strict about who can obtain a licence to allow for such operations. A forklift licence in Australia is harder to obtain than in other regions such as the US or Europe. The training process for the licensing may be similar, but Australia uses a different issuing authority. Most countries issue licenses through the training school or center that was used, while Australia issues licenses through the WorkCover of the particular state/territory.

27 September 2017

Fuel additives and why they are important in vehicle performance

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Many professional mechanics and auto repair technicians classify fuel additives as shortcut solutions to fuel delivery problems. However, experience has shown that these additives are not the 'mechanic in a can' solution, but rather real remedies that can stem fuel delivery system problems. There are various classes of additives and each category has a specific mission to accomplish in your vehicle. In case you are wondering the right additive to use, below is some information to get you started.

1 September 2017

How to Save Money on Your Upcoming Car Rental

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If you are not a road warrior, travel may be a somewhat stressful activity for you. You may be preparing for a cross-country flight and know that you have to figure out transportation when you land. Perhaps you have never rented a car before and worry about what's involved. What are some key things to remember so that you have a memorable trip and not one to forget? How Companies Charge

27 June 2017

How to Upgrade Your Vehicle for Off-Roading

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If you plan on doing some off-roading, you need to consider some upgrades to your vehicle; even a durable truck or SUV may not have been manufactured with rough and uneven roads in mind, and these upgrades can ensure your safety and protect that vehicle. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to upgrading your vehicle for taking it on rough roads, consider a few suggestions and then discuss these with your mechanic as necessary.

21 June 2017

Why You Should Extend Your Recycling Efforts to Your Car

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Recycling is not merely something that you "should" do, these days. Certainly, it used to be fashionable at one time and would give you that sense of community responsibility. No longer is this considered to be optional, however, as recycling is critical to the environment and something that is absolutely expected of all citizens. While you may be very used to putting your household waste items into their proper colour-coded bins, have you thought how you could recycle parts of your car, to enhance your contribution?

16 June 2017

How to Keep Your All-Terrain Tyres Running Efficiently Throughout Their Lifespan

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If you've just bought a set of new all-terrain tyres for your on-road driving and off-road adventures, then you're probably aware that they do not come by cheaply. While the price of all-terrain tyres may differ by brand, these on-and-off-the-road tyres generally cost more to purchase when compared to regular performance tyres. For that reason, you will want to ensure you get maximum service life from your new purchase. Here are a number of effective tyre care tips you should follow if you want your all-terrain tyres to remain in top working shape throughout their lifespan: 

31 May 2017

When Should You Use New, Name Brand Parts for Vehicle Repair?

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Using parts that have been salvaged and pulled off old cars, or using an off-brand, generic part, can help you to save money when your vehicle needs repairs. In many cases, these older and used parts will have years of life left to them, and off-brand parts may be as functional as original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts from the dealer. However, there are times when it's best to invest in new parts and those made by the vehicle's manufacturer; note when that is and why it's recommended, so you can make the best choice for your vehicle.

28 May 2017

Brake Components Damaged? Uncovering 3 Brake Problems To Maximise Car Safety

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Owning a car is hardly a luxury anymore. You probably use it to travel to work, drop your kids to school or for picking up everyday groceries. But brake problems can put you at risk if you're not careful because they allow you to control the speed of your car. Your inability to control your car will put you in danger of colliding with other vehicles on the road. Uncover possible brake problems with this guide and make sure you get your car serviced to maximise safety.

12 October 2016