Why Do Car Tyres Lose Their Carcass?

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While most people take great care of their vehicles in terms of cleaning and maintenance, they often ignore one very important aspect — the tyres. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the driver and the passengers, but occasionally, a tyre may lose its outer carcass. What can cause this to happen, and what should you do if you encounter this drama?

Rough Roads

One of the leading causes of this issue is when the tyre is exposed to rough terrain or roads. For example, the overuse of highways that have a lot of traffic, potholes and uneven road surfaces can cause damage to the outer coating of the tyre, which can lead to a loss of the outer layer (or carcass). To avoid this, make sure you avoid those roads and routes that are not frequently maintained.


Another reason why a car tyre can lose its carcass is due to overloading. Vehicles have a specific weight limit indicated by the manufacturer, and exceeding this can lead to damage to the tyre's outer layer. This can cause breaks, punctures and cracks in the tyre, which can then lead to a loss of the carcass. To avoid this, make sure you never exceed your car's weight limit and that you take care of the tyres according to the manufacturer's recommended standards.

Under-Inflated Tyres

Low tyre pressures are a serious problem. They should always match the manufacturer's recommended levels, and it is essential to check the pressure regularly. When a tyre is under-inflated, it places undue stress on the tyre, causing consequential damage. This, in turn, leads to a structural failure, which could cause the tyre carcass to break away completely.

Ageing Tyres

Another factor that plays a crucial role in this is the age of the tyre. After a particular timeframe, tyres tend to wear out, and this can lead to problems like permanent damage to the carcass. Again, refer to manufacturer recommendations, but you may sometimes need to replace your tyres anyway after so many years, even if they seem to be in great shape overall.

Mismatched Tyres

Mismatched tyres can lead to a loss of carcass as well. This is caused by imbalanced tyres that do not match each other in terms of their size and design. This can lead to uneven wear and tear and can create a cycle of damage, which can result in the loss of the tyre carcass.

What to Bear in Mind

You will want to avoid the loss of a tyre carcass as much as possible, as the results can be really dramatic. So, if you think that your current tyres have seen better days or you want to be safe rather than sorry, get in touch with a tyre fitter today. 

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8 May 2023

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