Do You Understand the Complications of Moving an Oversize Load?

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Due to the nature of the transportation system across Australia, a considerable amount of heavy equipment or machinery has to be transported by road. The good news is that interstate road networks are generally good, and many trucks and trailers are designed for oversize loads and long-distance movement. If you know that you have to move a particularly heavy piece of equipment from one city across the country to another, you are best advised to outsource this type of operation and not take it on yourself. What are some of the challenges involved otherwise?

Suitability for the Job

While there is clearly a difference in the skill levels when driving a heavy goods vehicle as opposed to a car, there are even more differences when it comes to piloting an oversize load. Just because a driver has the license and necessary ability to drive an 18 wheeler, it doesn't mean that they can simply jump behind the wheel of an oversize load and expect to perform their job as usual.

Additional Training Required

Drivers who have been trained to control these excessive loads can be prepared for anything. They'll understand that these rigs are much harder to control and require even greater braking distances. They'll also know how to deal with those impossible blindspots and how to allow for particularly sharp corners.

Complications along the Way

Also, you may need to bring in an even larger team when your equipment is classified as oversized. In this case, the entire load may be wider than a standard lane and might need a carefully programmed route instead. After all, it may have to be driven over specific roads to avoid narrower lanes, sharp turns, certain roundabouts or bridges.

In this case, the larger rig may need to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle whose operator will also be specially trained. Their job is to anticipate issues and warn other road users about your approaching obstacle. Their task is often more complicated on dual or triple carriageway roads, where they need to ensure that other traffic can pass without any danger while your load makes as much progress as possible.

Your Best Approach

As you can see, there is a lot involved when planning a move like this, and you should always outsource it to an expert and experienced company. They'll take the time to understand what you want to achieve and then put in place a plan to execute. For more information about interstate machinery transport services, reach out to a local company.


24 May 2022

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