Stressing Over Your Car's Boot Space? Here're 4 Tips to Help Find the Right Roof Rack Basket

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Roof rack baskets are a vital addition to any overland adventure. They facilitate efficient equipment hauling while leaving enough room for you and your family inside the car. Yet, if you've never used them before, you might fail to understand the critical aspects that go into selecting the ideal rack. Continue reading through this post to learn more about roof baskets, as well as four helpful tips to help choose the perfect one for your car. 

What's Your Car's Roof Type?

Assess your vehicle or read through the owner's manual to find out its roof type. Is it open, or has side rails and gutters? The roof type on your car helps determine the kind of rack basket you will choose for mounting. Additionally, this helps you know whether you will need a fit kit for your roof rack basket. 

What About the Roof Weight Limit? 

Generally, every vehicle has a particular weight limit that its roof can hold. You can get this information from your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. After getting this information, estimate the weight you need to haul using your roof rack basket. That should include the weight of any possible racks you'll be selecting. Most importantly, avoid exceeding the allowable weight limit specified by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Measure Your Car's Roof for Crossbars

You might also consider making several measurements to make sure the crossbars on your roof rack basket fit properly. Begin with the width of your car's roof for both the front and rear sides. If there are side rails present, consider measuring the distance between the rails' anterior, middle and exterior. That's because some crossbars mount to the rails at different positions. Remember, the longer the crossbars, the more the equipment or luggage you can carry, provided you don't exceed the maximum allowable weight for the roof and rack capacity.

Consider Roof Rack Usage 

What do you want to use your roof rack basket for? You will undoubtedly benefit from a roof rack basket that can provide a variety of uses. For example, an ideal roof rack can allow you to swap accessories like kayak cradles and bike mounts. However, if you won't be using your roof rack often, it'll be more sensible to choose one that can be quickly removed and stored when not in use. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no need to stress over your car's boot space when choosing the right roof rack basket can help solve your problems. The four tips discussed above will help you find the ideal roof rack for your car. 


4 October 2021

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