How to plan for your next refrigerated delivery

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When you want to transport goods across the country, it's important that your company has a good relationship with a haulage company. The company you choose to work with will depend on a lot of factors, but one of the most crucial factors will be how closely their service matches your requirements. The closeness of the match is particularly important when you need to transport refrigerated or frozen goods. Before you book refrigerated delivery services you will need to consider at least four factors.

How much do you want to transport?

Most refrigerated delivery services will be able to offer you a range of options depending on the size of your delivery. Before you start looking for quotations you must work out whether you need to transport a single carton, a full pallet load, or an entire truck full of goods and how they will be packaged.

What temperature does the delivery require?

Refrigerated delivery services vary enormously and the delivery will often need to be customised to your precise temperature requirements. Maintaining the required temperature is a vital part of the delivery process so you will need to specify whether you need the goods transported in a chilled state (-1 to 4 degrees) or a frozen state (-25 degrees). After delivery, good refrigerated delivery services should be able to provide you with logs demonstrating that temperature control has been maintained at every stage of the journey so you can be sure that whatever you are transporting has arrived in a safe condition and remains fit for use.

Do they offer a reliable service?

Before committing to a company, it is always best to find out about the refrigerated delivery services they offer and how the company operates. Look for a company that provides a regular maintenance regime with 24-hour support for their vehicles and find out which vehicles they propose using for your delivery. Your delivery is important to you and you must ensure that it arrives on time and in great condition, therefore the condition of the company fleet is of vital importance.

Can the delivery be tracked?

Knowing where your delivery is at every stage of the journey not only offers you peace of mind but it also helps you to prepare for its arrival by ensuring that you can have the right people standing by waiting to deal with it as soon as it reaches its destination. Look for refrigerated delivery services that possess the right technology and knowledge to offer satellite tracking of every delivery they make.


15 October 2019

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