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If you are not a road warrior, travel may be a somewhat stressful activity for you. You may be preparing for a cross-country flight and know that you have to figure out transportation when you land. Perhaps you have never rented a car before and worry about what's involved. What are some key things to remember so that you have a memorable trip and not one to forget?

How Companies Charge

First, note that car rental companies typically base their charges on 24-hour time blocks. Look carefully at your scheduled arrival time and allow for the fact that you will spend some additional time going through arrivals and baggage claim. Only schedule your pick up then so that you do not pay for more time than you are going to use. 

Bring the Car Seat

Are you travelling with the family? If you have very young children, it might be a good idea to bring your own baby car seat. This is often an extra daily charge if you rent one, and in any case, you may not like the idea of using a seat that's been used by a lot of families before you. When talking about extras, you may like to use the mapping app on your phone, rather than renting a GPS on a daily basis.

Book Directly

It's best if you book directly with a car rental company rather than through an agency, as those prices tend to be inflated due to commission. Usually, you can book directly with the company on its website.

Topping up

Be aware of the company's fuel policy. Most will provide you with a full tank of petrol when you pick up the car, but remember to fill it back up to the top before returning it. Otherwise, the rental car company staff will have to do this, and you will pay a premium price for the privilege. Almost every airport has a petrol station nearby for this purpose.

Check Your Routing

If you plan on driving into some remote areas during your trip, check with the company to make sure that your vehicle is sanctioned for off-road use. It's better to do this in advance, as extra charges could apply otherwise.

Pay When You Collect

If you need your plans to be flexible, see if you can arrange to pay for the vehicle when you pick it up. Many companies will do this, and you might be able to save any cancellation charges, should your plans change.

Making the Booking

Do your research well, and only use a car rental company that's established and has a good reputation in the marketplace.


27 June 2017

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