The Comprehensive Guide for Obtaining a Forklift Licence

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When it comes to operating machinery, Australian law is very strict about who can obtain a licence to allow for such operations. A forklift licence in Australia is harder to obtain than in other regions such as the US or Europe. The training process for the licensing may be similar, but Australia uses a different issuing authority. Most countries issue licenses through the training school or center that was used, while Australia issues licenses through the WorkCover of the particular state/territory.

Australia uses a two-step process for licencing; applying for the forklift training in Registered Training Organisations, and applying for the actual forklift licence from the WorkCover of your resident state.

Classes of Forklift Licences

Forklift licences are classified into 2 main classes:

  1. Order-picking machine

This licence is issued to operators who drive order-picking forklifts. These machines have the controls moving together with the load carriage, giving drivers the flexibility of properly managing their cargo.

  1. Forklift truck

The forklift truck licence is for operators of machines that lift equipment using fork arms. They are mainly used for elevating large and heavy cargo from the ground, and transporting it to different locations over short distances. The operation of forklift trucks and heavy vehicle licences also falls within this category.

Qualifying for a Forklift Licence

There are certain requirements you need to fulfill before you can obtain a forklift licence. These include:

  • Completion of a training course through a registered training organization (RTO).
  • A resident of Australia with sufficient knowledge of English
  • A driver's licence if the forklift is to be driven on public roads
  • At least 18 years of age

The Application process 

Applying for a forklift licence involves providing the necessary documentation and an approval process that takes about 3 weeks.

  • The first step is to enroll in and RTO in your state/territory and complete the required training.
  • Schedule your written and practical exams, which must be witnessed by a designated trainer. Successful completion of the exams leads to the issuing of a "statement of attainment".
  • Complete an Evidence Of Identity (EOI), which is an identity test.
  • Fill in an application form and pay the required fees, after which you submit your application to the Australia post (the post receives your application on behalf of the WorkCover. 
  • Licences are issued 3 weeks after the application is submitted.

Operating forklifts is considered a high-risk job, therefore adequate training and experience is necessary in order to obtain a forklift licence. 


27 September 2017

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