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Why Do Car Tyres Lose Their Carcass?

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While most people take great care of their vehicles in terms of cleaning and maintenance, they often ignore one very important aspect — the tyres. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the driver and the passengers, but occasionally, a tyre may lose its outer carcass. What can cause this to happen, and what should you do if you encounter this drama? Rough Roads One of the leading causes of this issue is when the tyre is exposed to rough terrain or roads.

8 May 2023

Do You Understand the Complications of Moving an Oversize Load?

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Due to the nature of the transportation system across Australia, a considerable amount of heavy equipment or machinery has to be transported by road. The good news is that interstate road networks are generally good, and many trucks and trailers are designed for oversize loads and long-distance movement. If you know that you have to move a particularly heavy piece of equipment from one city across the country to another, you are best advised to outsource this type of operation and not take it on yourself.

24 May 2022

Stressing Over Your Car's Boot Space? Here're 4 Tips to Help Find the Right Roof Rack Basket

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Roof rack baskets are a vital addition to any overland adventure. They facilitate efficient equipment hauling while leaving enough room for you and your family inside the car. Yet, if you've never used them before, you might fail to understand the critical aspects that go into selecting the ideal rack. Continue reading through this post to learn more about roof baskets, as well as four helpful tips to help choose the perfect one for your car.

4 October 2021

A Guide On Dry Hire Cranes

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Dry hire cranes those that you hire without an operator, fuel and lubricants. They are a convenient and cost-friendly way to hire cranes. Below is a guide discussing the considerations you should make when hiring dry hire cranes.  Crane Operation People who rent dry hire cranes must have a crane operator licence. Alternatively, they should have a crane operator. Typically, the crane hire company expects you to provide a licence to prove that you are qualified to operate the crane you intend to hire.

22 January 2021

How to plan for your next refrigerated delivery

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When you want to transport goods across the country, it's important that your company has a good relationship with a haulage company. The company you choose to work with will depend on a lot of factors, but one of the most crucial factors will be how closely their service matches your requirements. The closeness of the match is particularly important when you need to transport refrigerated or frozen goods. Before you book refrigerated delivery services you will need to consider at least four factors.

15 October 2019

Two ways to prevent heavy haulage-related accidents and injuries

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Heavy haulage vehicles are extremely large and powerful; as such, precautions need to be taken to prevent those who drive these vehicles from being injured. Here are two ways to do this. Check the tyres after every road journey The weight of a heavy haulage vehicle, combined with the weight of the loads it transports, can put an immense amount of strain on the vehicle's tyres. As a result of this, the tyres on this type of vehicle are likely to lose pressure and tread depth at a far faster rate than smaller road vehicles.

9 November 2017

The Comprehensive Guide for Obtaining a Forklift Licence

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When it comes to operating machinery, Australian law is very strict about who can obtain a licence to allow for such operations. A forklift licence in Australia is harder to obtain than in other regions such as the US or Europe. The training process for the licensing may be similar, but Australia uses a different issuing authority. Most countries issue licenses through the training school or center that was used, while Australia issues licenses through the WorkCover of the particular state/territory.

27 September 2017

Fuel additives and why they are important in vehicle performance

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Many professional mechanics and auto repair technicians classify fuel additives as shortcut solutions to fuel delivery problems. However, experience has shown that these additives are not the 'mechanic in a can' solution, but rather real remedies that can stem fuel delivery system problems. There are various classes of additives and each category has a specific mission to accomplish in your vehicle. In case you are wondering the right additive to use, below is some information to get you started.

1 September 2017

Two Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe While Waiting For Roadside Services


Fur babies are a big part of Australian families, and the RSPCA estimates 39 per cent of homes have a 4-legged canine buddy. Nobody likes to leave their fur baby behind when heading out in the car, but are you mentally and physically prepared to keep your dog safe if your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident? Roadside services travel to breakdowns and accidents as soon as they can, but there may be delays during peak traffic or if the incident occurs out of town.

12 July 2017

When Should You Junk an Old Car?


Letting go of an old car can be a difficult decision; many car owners want to use their car for as long as possible to avoid the cost and hassle of getting a new one. However, an older car can be just as costly and inconvenient if it's not in good repair and is always breaking down or refusing to start. If you're facing yet another set of repair bills for your older car, how can you determine when it's a good time to just junk the car?

11 July 2017