Tips to Keep Your Differential Working Properly and to Reduce Differential Repair Costs


To keep your car operation costs down, you should be able to minimise your repair costs. Smart car owners know that ensuring proper car maintenance is the best way to reduce car repair costs. Differentials (or diffs) in well-maintained cars rarely require costly repairs.  Here are some effective car care tips you can follow to keep your differential in good working order for as long as possible, so as to reduce differential repair costs:

4 June 2017

How to Keep Your All-Terrain Tyres Running Efficiently Throughout Their Lifespan

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If you've just bought a set of new all-terrain tyres for your on-road driving and off-road adventures, then you're probably aware that they do not come by cheaply. While the price of all-terrain tyres may differ by brand, these on-and-off-the-road tyres generally cost more to purchase when compared to regular performance tyres. For that reason, you will want to ensure you get maximum service life from your new purchase. Here are a number of effective tyre care tips you should follow if you want your all-terrain tyres to remain in top working shape throughout their lifespan: 

31 May 2017

When Should You Use New, Name Brand Parts for Vehicle Repair?

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Using parts that have been salvaged and pulled off old cars, or using an off-brand, generic part, can help you to save money when your vehicle needs repairs. In many cases, these older and used parts will have years of life left to them, and off-brand parts may be as functional as original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts from the dealer. However, there are times when it's best to invest in new parts and those made by the vehicle's manufacturer; note when that is and why it's recommended, so you can make the best choice for your vehicle.

28 May 2017

Brake Components Damaged? Uncovering 3 Brake Problems To Maximise Car Safety

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Owning a car is hardly a luxury anymore. You probably use it to travel to work, drop your kids to school or for picking up everyday groceries. But brake problems can put you at risk if you're not careful because they allow you to control the speed of your car. Your inability to control your car will put you in danger of colliding with other vehicles on the road. Uncover possible brake problems with this guide and make sure you get your car serviced to maximise safety.

12 October 2016