Why You Should Extend Your Recycling Efforts to Your Car

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Recycling is not merely something that you "should" do, these days. Certainly, it used to be fashionable at one time and would give you that sense of community responsibility. No longer is this considered to be optional, however, as recycling is critical to the environment and something that is absolutely expected of all citizens. While you may be very used to putting your household waste items into their proper colour-coded bins, have you thought how you could recycle parts of your car, to enhance your contribution? What parts should you consider?

Dealing with Oil

You will undoubtedly be familiar with the need to take back your used engine oil, as this is essentially the most recyclable bit of the entire vehicle. You have to replace engine and transmission oil at certain intervals, perhaps twice per year. When you get ready to take the oil to your closest recycling centre, don't forget the filters as well. You will need to remove all the old oil from within the filter, first.

Being Careful with Batteries

When was the last time that you put a new battery in your car? These only have a certain amount of shelf life as well, but remember that legislation typically dictates that they need to be recycled, when you exchange old for new. Remember, the lead within these batteries can be toxic and you should never simply discard them.

Old Tyres

It is absolutely crucial that you recycle all your old tyres. Landfills around Australia are choked with old truck and car covers, taking up a great deal of space. Not only that, but this old rubber will take decades to degrade. Tyres can be broken down in a recycling unit so that the remaining rubber is used to provide safety flooring in playgrounds, or even alternative fuel types.

Keep It Going

A number of other automotive parts can be recycled, as and when you repair or replace them. Brake shoes or pads are frequently replaced, while you may have to swap out a damaged exhaust on occasion. If you brush up against a wall and damage your side mirror, then remember to recycle it when you fit a new one.

Stepping It up

If you chat with your neighbourhood recycling agent, they will be able to give you a list of parts that they are frequently on the lookout for. Add these to your list, so that you can become the recycling king of your neighbourhood!

Contact your local auto parts recycler for more information and assistance. 


16 June 2017

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