Brake Components Damaged? Uncovering 3 Brake Problems To Maximise Car Safety

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Owning a car is hardly a luxury anymore. You probably use it to travel to work, drop your kids to school or for picking up everyday groceries. But brake problems can put you at risk if you're not careful because they allow you to control the speed of your car. Your inability to control your car will put you in danger of colliding with other vehicles on the road. Uncover possible brake problems with this guide and make sure you get your car serviced to maximise safety.

Brake Callipers Get Stuck

Brake callipers contain special hollows, which are used to hold the brake pads in place. These hollows allow the pads to move in and out when you step on the brake pedal of your car. Over time, these brake pads experience normal wear and tear. This causes the coarsened brake pads to get caught in these hollows, which means that they can no longer move in and out as easily as before. When this happens, your brake callipers get stuck. If your car angles towards a side when you brake, it's possibly because the callipers are stuck. A professional mechanic may need to replace the brake pads to ensure the callipers run smoothly for normal brake functionality once again.

Brakes Discharge Smoke When Pressed

Brakes are imperative to safe drives, so be extremely concerned when you notice smoke discharging from your braking system. Smoke is typically caused when you press on them too hard because they overheat and trigger increased friction. If you don't get your car serviced regularly, then debris in the braking system or worn out brake pads encountering the rotor can also instigate smoke. The safest way to protect your brakes from smoke is to avoid hitting the pedal too hard when you're stuck in traffic. Get your brakes checked and serviced regularly because you naturally want to stay safe at all times.

Brake Rotors Rust Due To Negligence

Brake rotors can easily rust over time if you fail to apply anti-rust solutions to them periodically. Once they rust or oxidise, an excessive load is forced on them when you apply your brakes while driving. This eventually causes the rotor to wear out disproportionately and excessive heat runs through your braking system, which will affect its optimal performance. Rusted brake rotors can be dangerous because it impacts steady control over your car. If the problem cannot be rectified, these rotors will need replacement. If the problem isn't too major, the mechanic can apply anti-rust solutions to protect the rotors until the next service.

Brake problems should never be ignored because of the safety hazards they trigger on the road. Make sure you rely on a professional mechanic if you notice any of these brake problems.


12 October 2016

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