When Should You Use New, Name Brand Parts for Vehicle Repair?

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Using parts that have been salvaged and pulled off old cars, or using an off-brand, generic part, can help you to save money when your vehicle needs repairs. In many cases, these older and used parts will have years of life left to them, and off-brand parts may be as functional as original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts from the dealer. However, there are times when it's best to invest in new parts and those made by the vehicle's manufacturer; note when that is and why it's recommended, so you can make the best choice for your vehicle.

Are you planning on selling the car?

When you sell a car, potential buyers may ask to see receipts for parts that have been replaced, and for all repair work done on the vehicle. Those potential buyers may know that some off-brand parts don't fit as well as genuine parts and that used parts will fail faster than new parts, so they may walk away from the sale if you've used older or off-brand parts or this may lower the car's resale value. However, being able to show receipts for new, name brand parts can assure potential new buyers that the car is in the best shape possible. If you're thinking of selling the car anytime soon, invest in those new parts to ensure a fast, profitable sale.


Some parts of a vehicle affect its performance more so than others; fuel injectors, fuel pumps, oxygen sensors, and the transmission gears and chains will all affect the fuel economy of the car, as well as its acceleration and how easily it can tow a trailer. Using off-brand parts for anything that is needed for the car's performance can slow the car down, or cause it to use more gas than it should. For any part that affects a vehicle's performance, invest in something new and name brand.

Repeated fixes

If you've had to make the same repair on a vehicle repeatedly, and have used pre-owned parts or off-brand parts before only to have them fail sooner than they should, it may be time to upgrade and invest in a new part from the manufacturer. Some older or generic parts don't fit as well as they should, don't communicate with the car's computer properly, or cannot compensate for wear of parts around them. To avoid having to make the same repair again and again, try a new part from the manufacturer and note if this fix actually lasts.

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28 May 2017

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